Insight into a customers’ perspective

Customer Feedback (2)

We know that the delivery of benchmarking results is a moment that can be a pivotal. Investing in the knowledge, skills and expertise of an impartial third party will enable you to generate actions that are both practical and pragmatic.

At Big River Solutions, we have a wealth of experience identifying optimum actions and creating action plans that really work. Our action plans will identify where efforts and resources need to be directed in order to achieve enhanced business success.

Receiving benchmarking results should provide the prompt for all businesses to invest in fresh thinking and specialist knowledge:

  • Bringing in our team of highly-skilled experts who will facilitate the development of creative and pragmatic solutions
  • Our solutions will have an immediate and lasting positive impact
  • We specialise in creating sessions tailored to your needs that are action-focused and deliver cross-functional alignment on the actions required
  • Our input is specifically designed to deliver tangible and discernible change using the valuable feedback that you have received
  • Our goal is that you leverage and optimise the outcome of the investment that you have made.

At the end of a day with us, you will walk away with an agreed set of actions that are certain to improve your business performance. The action plan produced will identify the owner, timescale and dependencies.

Voice of the customer

In addition to the quantitative results that you get from benchmarking, there is huge benefit in understanding your results qualitatively.

Big River Solutions has a vast experience in interviewing customers to provide this qualitative feedback:

  • Customers are often more open and honest when responding to a third party. This means use of an impartial resource such as Big River Solutions will generate more candid and useful feedback
  • An agreed questionnaire – usually targeted at key areas from the benchmarking – enables us to interview the identified customers and gain more granular feedback
  • We employ our high levels of competence at analysing and consolidating customer feedback to create a report and, if required, a road map of potential actions.

Clients who have used our service find that it adds another layer of insight that dramatically improves their post-benchmark action planning and consistently elevates their standing with customers.

Get ready to act on your benchmarking results

How do you get a return on investment from this year’s benchmarking results? Would you like to create and agree on an action plan in just one day?

Is the time that your annual benchmarking results become available a moment of a business concern?

Benchmarking is a valuable exercise providing important insight into customers’ perspective on a supplier’s performance. It is a way to compare your performance to the industry’s best and identify where you, as an organisation, are both excelling but also falling behind.

However, the real value is accessed by the next steps you take.

What will you do with the feedback and how quickly will you act? Are you confident in the skills required to identify what needs to be done in response? Are you ready to embrace the perspective and input of an independent third party?