Case Studies and Clients

Step change business performance

Performance transformation road map

Aligning key growth strategies

Big River Solutions was asked to help a global retailer transform its category performance by embedding category management principles and a category planning process, for its UK based business (demand and supply).

The retailer identified a pilot category and lead supplier. Big River Solutions created a category planning process and supporting materials. This included a simple set of templates which we then briefed the retailer and supplier on the data requirements. Big River Solutions conducted interviews with key personnel and stakeholders in both the retailer and supplier.

Workshops were created, delivered and facilitated by Big River Solutions, during which category management principles were trained and the category plan created for one business area.

Big River Solutions was asked to help a regional organisation transform its effectiveness by creating a set of capabilities to be used to review the organisations’ Shopper Marketing and Category Development competency. Big River Solutions created a diagnostic tool and visited each market. Whilst in the market we held interviews with key stakeholders and personnel and reviewed existing outputs.

We then populated the diagnostic tool based on our findings and created an overall review. The findings from this review allowed Big River Solutions to identify key areas for development and to create a transformation roadmap.

An important element was a recommendation of new ‘ways of working’, which was key to improving output and team impact. Big River Solutions then went on to design training, piloting the course and codifying materials. We have subsequently trained new starters and people new to the role. Furthermore, we helped to identify technology and data solutions required for a successful outcome.

This led to an immediate improvement in the Advantage Group Survey results.

Big River Solutions facilitated the creation of a category vision for an organisation in each of their geographically based business units, reflecting the local variation of consumption occasions, food trends and shopping habits.

This culminated in the creation of strategies and tactics. With Big River Solutions assistance, our client created compelling selling decks to be shared with customers.

In addition, we ran co-creation workshops with customers, to allow our client and customers to align behind key growth opportunities and create strategies and tactics to deliver.

Business process review

Corporate Strategy development

'Voice of the Customer'

Big River Solutions was asked to help a global retailer transform and review existing processes in one key area of its operation and to identify areas for improvement and development.

Big River Solutions carried out numerous interviews with key internal stakeholders to understand their view of the existing process, as well as gather any thoughts on areas to develop. We then collated all feedback, added our expertise and identified areas that could be quick wins, as well as areas that would need systems development and process creation.

Big River Solutions was asked to help a retailer create a ‘strategy house’.

The retailer had an overall vision for growth but no strategies and tactics to deliver the vision.

Big River Solutions created and facilitated a workshop in which the delegates identified the strategies that they would undertake and the tactics required to deliver the strategies.

Following the results of a benchmarking survey, our client asked us to run a series of workshops to identify the potential actions required following the feedback.

In developing the “The voice of the customer” programme we enabled the client to identify some challenging operational prejudices in the work environment. Part of this discovery allowed the client to realign its core beliefs.

In using an impartial third party, the client was allowed to take some tough decisions and take key actions that would make the difference.

A year later the same benchmarking exercise delivered a significantly better outcome.

Category Development Fundamentals

Gap-fill shopper insights

Commercial Strategy Team Development

Big River Solutions was asked to help improve category development capabilities by:

  • developing best in class training
  • developing global merchandising principles.

The objectives were:

  • To have a consistent approach to instore execution
  • To build capabilities.

Merchandising principles were developed by gathering best practice and the clients existing research.

Output was then created identifying six main merchandising principles and supporting research.

Training was then developed to elevate skills and train on the global merchandising principles.

A pre workshop e-learning module was created to share some basic language with the delegates.

We then ran the pilot workshop and finalised all materials.

Big River Solutions were asked to audit current shopper research and to identify any key gaps.

Following this, we created a shopper segmentation model to allow more focussed targeting and a greater understanding of attitudes and behaviours, at the point of greatest influence, commissioned shopper research to understand triggers and barriers (by channel).

We then ran workshops with the commercial team to ensure that the findings were taken through to specific action plans to maximise the impact.

Big River Solutions was asked to support the development of a European Commercial Strategy Team.

We did this by creating a diagnostic tool for capabilities Once key stakeholders had completed the tool, consolidating the output and identifying key areas for development.

Creating 2 workshops, one for team leads and one for all members of the team at which we co-created a road map from good to great


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