Category Marketing and the Holy Trinity

Centring on Category Marketing, here is a quick guide to comprehensive Revenue Growth Management

Here are the 5 features RGM is not:

  • Alchemy or trigonometry.
  • A technical response to price negotiation.
  • A qualification process used to escort the buyer towards the desired outcome.
  • A study of past evidence to create a future outcome based on present-day logic.
  • An emergency service used in times of crisis.

These are the 3 features of great RGM:

  • A simple conversation and not a complex discussion
  • An embedded behaviour that consistently analyses various portfolio and category states.
  • A continuous improvement model used to collaboratively drive a trusted relationship between supplier and buyer.

Here are the 6 must-have for a simple RGM negotiation:

  • The ability to see the “whole category” and its relationship with the “whole” market
  • The capacity to capture and process a lot of data
  • The ability to analyse and confirm the relationship between consumer, shopper and retailer behaviours to qualify the investment and size of the real opportunities
  • The ability to prioritise and sequence your opportunities, based on your business capabilities
  • The ability to go after your opportunities in an organised and disciplined manner
  • The commitment to building RGM capabilities over the short, medium and long term

The Holy Trinity

RGM is a thorough appraisal of past present and future outcomes which test the integrity of the developing RGM proposition. Planning for RGM discussions takes time and expertise using detailed modelling tools to administer a simple negotiation.

After each step, employ the holy trinity of Hindsight, Insight and Foresight to test findings

Brand Marketing

RGM activities support, develop and embed the full spectrum of brand marketing, focusing on the investment required for the portfolio to be more productive with consumers, shoppers and customers. Here is the key is to understand the whole picture whilst not focusing simply on:

  • Price
  • Promotions
  • Assortment
  • Trade Spend

Note: There are 12 additional analysis points to explore in addition.

Test understanding

Once all 16 exercises are complete, re-run Hindsight, Insight and Foresight to answer the following questions and clarify the integrity of the brand proposition instore:

  • Brand positioning within a category context
  • Attracting sales from category substitutes
  • Taking market share from competitors in the category
  • Partnering or building your portfolio with complementary products/services
  • Adjusting and refining your products to meet the needs of growing consumer segments
  • Adjusting and refining your pack sizes/formats to align with consumption habits and affordability
  • Adjusting and refining your primary packaging to facilitate access to more consumption occasions
  • Adjusting and refining your secondary packaging to deliver greater impact at the Point of Sale, and make it more efficient within retailer operations
  • Fine-tuning pricing to reflect the better brand and pack value to shoppers
  • Activating promotions that have a direct and positive impact on retail sales and consumption
  • Developing more effective Point of Sale executions that drive higher sales rates
  • Investing in effective RGM support from customers through conditional trade terms

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