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Competitors – Relationship, Retrenchment, Relevancy, Rewards

Making your retail business relevant is a life-saving skill if your company is to expand its market share, territory or profitability; or perhaps more starkly this week, simply to keep from calling in the administrators. As the trading world becomes smaller and more competitive, the threat to your revenue stream may not yet be known […]

When is it right to be different and why is it right to change?

Have you broken your New Years resolutions yet…or have you, like me, not even started? I’m starting mine in February. Why? Because January has traditionally been a month for ‘resolution failure’ and who wants to set themselves up to fail in the face of positive change? This year, I’ve decided I am I going to […]

Recession – How we got here

We all shop… that is not in question.  But the new generation now visit the purpose built shopping malls for the ‘experience’, whilst they browse the internet for every day purchases.   The shopping mall has become a visitor attraction with cinemas, restaurants and high street shops all vying for our hard earned cash. This trend […]

Geo Politics

Politically, the expansion of the EU has driven the feeling of goodwill as countries previously considered as predator nations, now become the workforce for the ever expanding European trading nation.  In the future this may further complicate global economic growth as we evolve from a two tiered system in the 80’s (with cold war determining […]