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It’s time to move beyond ‘Now’

Is it me or has business been hoarding its optimism as we wait for the political class to come to the rescue of the global consumer? If that is so, then when do we start to plan for the future? It’s widely acknowledged that local leaders are behind the start line still putting on their […]

Why humans (and consumers) need to keep taking risks

From an early age, society teaches us to expect certain things to happen automatically. When you turn on a tap, you expect water to pour out. When you get into your car in the mornings, irrespective of the weather, you expect it to start first time. When you buy a product that doesn’t work or […]

Search Engine Optimisation: Instant Access, Instant Knowledge

Search engine optimisation and its relationship with the overall marketing mix is a subject under considerable scrutiny as more and more business is conducted online. But sometimes its good to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, evaluating how customers actually use websites and why. Let’s shed some light on the different […]

Competitors – Relationship, Retrenchment, Relevancy, Rewards

Making your retail business relevant is a life-saving skill if your company is to expand its market share, territory or profitability; or perhaps more starkly this week, simply to keep from calling in the administrators. As the trading world becomes smaller and more competitive, the threat to your revenue stream may not yet be known […]