Our Voice

Our Fun Fact 2019 Challenge

This year we have set ourselves a challenge to provide one fun fact per day. This will be posted on our LinkedIn business page and here on this blog. The challenge is for no other reason than to give us a daily challenge… it’s a bit of fun. Facts will be consumer or shopper related and current. […]

Embracing change

Our industry is changing beyond all recognition. You only have to look at the results announced on 10th December to see the impact on-line has had on High Street footfall.

SCRUM project management process

Today I want to talk about the SCRUM project management process. It’s a world-class project management methodology. Why? Because it delivers in multiple areas simultaneously. It is an established fact that great project management enhances project ROI if the scope of the project is realistic and timely. Investment in the project can be optimised if […]

A health check just for you

Our vision is to increase capabilities, embed pragmatic methodologies and processes. Often the starting point to such work is a frank appraisal of the current situation and then the creation of a roadmap to upskill the organisation.