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November 28, 2018

Big River Solutions and First Purchase combine

We came across First Purchase Research looking for a fresh interpretation of client analytics and insights. Led by Barry Lemon (ex Kantar Wordpanel), Big River Solutions and First Purchase Research combine to grow brands by identifying new shoppers. Data is a pandemic, knowing how to read it and use it is the panacea.

First Purchase Research is a shopper insights company that helps brands grow penetration.

Inspired by the work of Byron Sharp and How Brands Grow, the company has developed a new approach that embeds Sharp’s laws of growth into the understanding and influencing of shopper behaviour.   Purchase Outcomes™ are identified by considering each purchase in the context of a shopper’s previous purchasing.  Of particular interest are First Purchases, which represent the occasions when a change in behaviour takes place and a shopper buys a brand or product for the first time.  Research shows that not only do First Purchases drive growth, but that they are different from other purchases in terms of the shopper, the channel and mission shopped, and critically, purchase influences and shopper behaviour.  They are less common, but arguably more valuable than other purchases.

Purchase Outcomes™ sit at the heart of the development and execution of successful shopper strategy and ensure that Sharp’s laws of growth are being obeyed at all stages from growth planning through shopper understanding to the development of brand and channel activation strategies.  They can also be central to the development of customer selling stories, and help measure the effectiveness and return on investment of every initiative.

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