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Big River SolutionsIt’s important to feel connected. Working from home doesn’t give us that water cooler moment anymore. WFH never keeps us up to date as much as we would like and that’s true of everyone who is working from home. Feeling connected is one of life’s essentials.

When we’re connected, we feel purposeful and reassured that what we are doing is adding value. Working in the echo chamber of WFH can become quite daunting.  Those corridor chats are arguably some of the most important conversations we can have. As one of our clients often says, some of my best work is done in corridors.  All too often we work in silos and we assume what we are doing is understood by those we rarely communicate with.

So why don’t we communicate more?

Corporate communication initiatives are designed to bring everybody together, but these often fall into pieces of communication that are lost in the noise of the day. Or at least that’s how it used to be before we started to WFH. Working from home now we can all experience what works and what doesn’t work as we adapt.

Whether business system planning, completing project schedules, making sales or devising marketing plans, understanding the priority of each step is important to feel connected.

What can team-mates do help us feel connected?

In our day job, we can become so focused on completing the task that we rarely ask what is the value of the task? We forget to ask why? Asking the team leader what is the why can help as can work with your peers to understand the why? Don’t worry we’re not getting into some Zen meditation here simply trying to understand the purpose to motivates delivery. In these times being connected increases, individual responsibility eradicates presenteeism and transitions the team towards the objective-driven output.

Transitioning a good business to a great business requires clear connected communication that is not just cascaded down. This includes a communication plan from peer group to peer group and division to division. Creating a 360-degree communication plan is the first step and bringing everyone together irrespective of their location.

Building trusted relationships across the business are as important as delivering for the business. Knowing the three most important KPIs for your team members can change the day to day relationships across teams. Once colleagues know what the challenges other teams face a purpose to help can be introduced.  Knowing the difference helps colleagues improve not only their performance but others as well.

Before the day’s out, send an email or video caller a colleague or your team leader and ask them why?

Good luck and if you need any help our contact details are below.

Who are Big River Solutions?

  1. We are Big River Solutions a global Category Marketing consultancy based in the UK specialising in driving commercial excellence.
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  4. We help convert plans into action through innovation and engagement that drives positive behaviour changes in target consumers, shoppers and customers and delivers expected results.
  5. We help develop and embed commercial capabilities required to gain and sustain competitive advantage through organisation and people.

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