Activation planning: Where to start… always with the end in mind

Activation PlanningCreating shopper marketing activation plans that are strategic in origin and designed to change shopper behaviour, will contribute to brand and business growth plans.

Ensuring that your shopper marketing activation plans are created with a single-minded objective and clarity around who you are targeting (and where they are), is key to optimising returns.

The reason to create a shopper marketing plan has many origins:

  • a category vision that requires shopper marketing to deliver the growth opportunities
  • we may want to work with a customer to deliver a specific objective
  • a brand initiative that needs to be brought to life in customers.
  • Identifying why we are creating a plan ensures that we deliver with the right goal in mind.

There are only 3 shopper behaviours that can be changed. Shopper marketing can influence shoppers to:

  • buy more
  • buy more often
  • or encourage more shoppers to buy.

Having clarity about the starting point, your target and what you intend to do, increase the likelihood of success and ROI.

Engaging all the relevant people in your organisation ensures alignment and consistency of message and goals. Creating a planning process that allows all of these people to be engaged (at the right point), reduces the chance of different objectives and activation to be seen.

The way we create these plans needs to be insight-led, with a supporting robust planning process, the relevant people involved and with a long enough lead time to maximise the effect.

Our experience in this area allows us to create a tailored planning process, based on resources available and levels of investment. We can help you be the best you can be.