Step changing your 2020, today

As we all look forward to the next decade, here at Big River Solutions we celebrate our 22nd year in CPG commercial performance and transformation.

Big River Solutions wishes all our clients, collaborators and candidates a fantastic new year ahead.

In the first of our reports of this year to be released later this month, we take a look at what is hot and what is not in the world of category management and shopper marketing. Now in its third year, the Rebalancing Resources Report is an annual assessment of the importance and relevance of commercial competencies across the CPG industry.

Much has changed in the 22 years since we began Big River Solutions as a small CPG interim agency. We have progressed from our kitchen table and will be shortly moving from our offices in Marlow to new offices in Newbury. If it’s good enough for Vodafone and Micro Focus, it’s good enough for us.

In that time we have had the privilege for working with some of the strongest brands in the business from Coco-Cola, Diageo and Samsung to niche payers such as Topps, Skull Candy and Up Beat.

How we go to market has changed. 22 years ago the internet was just a ‘thing’ that was not meant for business. The geeks were promoting the web as a radical way to usurp authority. The fastest way to connect then was via dial-up modem and if you had ISDN you were working in a different universe. We still used faxes in 1998 and people actually called each other on a landline. Google wasn’t even born and Compuserve was the browser fo choice. If you had an email address you were in the space race and practically no one had a website.

Now we have internet everywhere and with that comes a responsibility to meet your consumer on their terms. Experiential retailing will continue to grow this year as the High St focusses on increasing footfall to compete with the online store formats.

But certain things never change. Time is always precious and everyone is looking for business growth. We still have conflict in the Middle East and consumer spending is always a headline in January. With the main four supermarkets confirming that Aldi has hit £1bn at their expense this year, there is a need to address the complacency that still persists across the Supermarket landscape. How can Morrisons address the 10% reduction in sales in the last three months? Cost-cutting will only take the supermarkets so far. Is it now time to address mindsets and agility instore?

How is your new year shaping up? By now personal New Years resolutions have hit the dirt and we are already looking for that perfect summer break now that we have the ski holiday firmly in our sights.

In 2020 we’ll still be here asking you how are you going to help your business grow. We will still be asking you how are you mapping the four pillars of People, Process, Practice and Performance across the team?

What do you need to create an unstoppable operation or a standout out strategy that meets the demands of your shareholders? What have you got in your capability arsenal that invests in your team and aligns skills to output?

Above all how can we help you devise a Category Vision that delivers strong business growth?