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Category Management

Category Management

Category Management has a long-established reputation for optimising a category’s performance, but this is no longer enough. Category Development is an evolution that moves on from analysis of the past, to embrace the impact of future lifestyles and trends.

Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing

Good Shopper Marketing should delight your shoppers. Understanding who they are and what their needs are, and putting these insights at the heart of your activation plans, will change shopper behaviour and ensure that your brand is ahead of the pack.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We deliver projects that lead to skill enhancement, improvement in practices and processes and leave behind a legacy that survives long after we have left. We deliver projects that are both strategic or tactical.


Academy (1)

The Big River Academy team has many years of experience designing face-to-face learning events. We are recognised as offering great mentoring and one-to-one training.

Rebalancing resources (1)

Rebalancing Resources

Over the last few years, everything has become focused on ‘the now’, with little long-term planning or priority given to longer-term projects.

Over time, resources (people and money) have moved from category growth initiatives that require time (category development) to short-term tactical shopper marketing that delivers an immediate return. The concept of ‘grow the pie’ has been left behind in favour of ‘win today’. The drive to change shopper behaviour has lost out to ‘get volume now’. Some of this behaviour has been created by the growing presence of the ‘disruptors’. The ‘normal’ order of things has changed and been challenged. Category Development or Management is today’s orphan child.

This short term focus is of course unsustainable. The costs for the immediate gain of ‘win today’ cannot be maintained, nor is it a sustainable approach for future business growth and it’s certainly not ‘ownable’. Whatever you do today can be copied by someone else tomorrow.

In Focus

In Focus

Commercial Capabilities

A major part of what makes your business unique is its capabilities.  They define your customers’ value and they distinguish you from your competitive set. If you are able to offer something that is unique, your customers will choose you over your competitive set.

Our approach is pragmatic and practical, taking a holistic view of the needs of the organisation, the resources available and the desired future state of the organisation.

A specific plan can be created that identifies actions, owner, timescale, and dependencies.

Academy Open Workshop Dates

Academy (1)
Workshop dates
  1. Insights – Practitioner

    22 September
  2. Shopper Marketing – Practitioner

    11 October - 13 October
  3. Shopper Marketing – Basics

    19 October - 20 October
  4. Category Based Selling Skills

    17 November

Growing categories and changing shopper behaviour

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