Shopper Marketing

At Big River Solutions we recognise that Shopper Marketing has become a dynamic and ever changing topic for forward thinking brands, who are seeking long term brand growth

Putting shoppers at the centre of your marketing plans means customising their whole shopping experience. It requires an understanding of shopper motivation along the path of purchase, from sofa to shelf, anticipating what will delight them each and every step of the way. It moves you to a position of power, where you understand what your shoppers want before they do – and then enables you to provide a solution that creates new habits and generates real brand loyalty.

Good Shopper Marketing should delight your shoppers. Understanding who they are and what their needs are, and putting these insights at the heart of your activation plans, will change shopper behaviour and ensure that your brand is ahead of the pack.

This is a selection of the areas we can assist you in:

  • Design your approach to shopper marketing, embed it and make it live
  • Support “insights creation” via shopper research/ongoing analytics
  • Create shopper strategies
  • Create a channel based Look of Success
  • Assist in annual planning
  • Create a mechanism to help you understand the ROI of activities
  • Assess current capabilities and design a roadmap for future improvement
  • Training shopper marketing skills – from basic to practitioner
  • Create and embed a shopper marketing team, recruit and put in place processes and tools
  • Embed shopper marketing in your organisation
  • Up-skill you team through coaching, mentoring or onsite support
  • Review organisation design and alignment
  • Resource the team (via interim or search)
  • Design your approach to digital.

Big River Solutions has long had a place at the forefront of Shopper Marketing, ensuring brand owners know what their shoppers want – what is the right price, the most appropriate format and the most convenient purchase point/channel.