Interim Resource

Interim Resource:
Delivering results with lasting benefits

Interim Reources

Interim benefits

  • our interim resource is frequently overqualified for the assignment, meaning they have the potential to offer seamless delivery and full accountability
  • they can be focused on delivering results with lasting benefits
  • they are often able to start very quickly and because of their experience and expertise, they will make a noticeable impact from the outset
  • they are often source of specialist knowledge, that you may not already have within your organisation
  • they bring a breadth of experience and objectivity and are not embroiled in company politics
  • they have worked at a more senior level, lending credibility and weight to their output.
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Interim Excellence

Big River Solutions has an experienced team of category and shopper professionals who provide worldwide interim and short-term project-based support to clients across the industry. Our interims have a wealth of experience in commercial projects, for both large and small organisations.

We offer a flexible approach to ensure projects are appropriately resourced and managed whether on a global or local level.

Our interim teams are also deployed for maternity cover or temporary headcount gaps.

Strategic gaps

Big River Solutions provides a fast, efficient and cost effective interim resource. By gathering a 360 degree appraisal of your business requirements, Big River Solutions will assign appropriate individuals to complete the project.

  • Many organisations use interim not only to cover gaps but use it in a strategic way to:
    Over resource projects to deliver the final outcome quicker
    Provide additional resource during times of organisational change
    Provide additional resource at critical times without the associated full time costs
    Deliver projects and programmes.