Outsourced Category Management Services

Does this describe your business?

Below are three scenarios describing the need for a business to inject short term resources into a specific business area.

The immediate need is for a highly skilled, very experienced resource that has the tools and technology, commercial acumen and drive to deliver the compelling proposition.

The objective is to provide impactful and impartial output.

You may have a need for outsourced category management capabililties.

The services offered

  • Run category management projects
  • Deliver range reviews
  • Create best practice range and planograms
  • Conduct market assessment/review.


Outsourced category mangement

Scenario 1: You are not often invited into a category process

Opportunity: You are a niche supplier is a large category (the area you operate in is growing disproportionately), you are asked to get involved in a range review.

Issue: The knowledge, skills and capabilities required are not available within the business.

Scenario 2: Business growth requires category skills

Opportunity: You know that you can enhance your business by having category based thinking at key points.

Issue: There is not a requirement for a full time category management resource

Scenario 3: The whole market is undeveloped

Opportunity: The need for category based skills is emerging and category thinking within the local market is developing.

Issue: The market might be too small to warrant the permanent cost of a category resource.