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Category Management:
Delivering Growth Opportunities


White paper: The future of category management

Whilst others settle for Category Management, at Big River Solutions we drive for Category Development

Our belief is that Category Development delivers more, and has a greater effect than just taking the purely historical view produced by Category Management. We acknowledge that a review of the past has a part to play in creating a level of retrospective understanding. However, predicting and anticipating the trends that are approaching allow us to help you ensure that your category retains its relevance. Aligning expectation to market conditions, which are shaped by the customer, shopper, consumer and the environment, allows clients to identify new opportunities, including NPD, brand extension opportunities, and shopper marketing.

Category Management has a long-established reputation for optimising a category’s performance, but this is no longer enough. Category Development is an evolution that moves on from analysis of the past, to embrace the impact of future lifestyles and trends.

We have a proven track record in creating Category Development solutions that become an everyday habit, with everyone in an organisation having a part to play.

At Big River Solutions, our expertise is a result of 25 years in the field. We have developed some of the most creative and pragmatic Category Development solutions in today’s market. We have experience of being involved in all the major review processes and have done the job from the bottom up.

This is a selection of the areas we can assist you in:

  • Creating Category Visions
  • Creating action orientated category plans/category strategies
  • Creating Point of Purchase Vision, strategies and tactics
  • Assessing current capabilities and design a roadmap for future improvement
  • Conducting market reviews
  • Conducting range reviews and supporting with planogram resource
  • Creating a channel based Look of Success
  • Assist in annual planning
  • Training category based selling skills
  • Training or creating compelling retailer selling stories
  • Training Category Development skills – from basic to practitioner
  • Designing your approach to Category Development, embed it and make it live
  • Supporting “insights creation” via shopper research/ongoing analytics
  • Training Insight Creation
  • Create and embed a category team, recruit and put in place processes and tools
  • Embed Category Management in your organisation
  • Up-skill you team through coaching, mentoring or onsite support
  • Review organisation design and alignment
  • Resource the team (via interim or search)
  • Reviewing current insight provision.

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