Simplifying the customer experience:
It all starts with insights

Insights are often where we start

Our approach to Category Management centres on the deep belief in simplifying the shopping experience. In using shopper insights we create a comprehensive picture of the data journey, shopper habits, shopper journey, category relevance and category investment. We simplify the data journey from the point of purchase to the basket.

Actionable Insights

Big River Solutions has a well-earned reputation for excellence in creating actionable insights and delivering Shopper Marketing and Category Management client solutions.

Insights are often where we start. They could relate to the shopper/consumer/customer/category or even the client business. Our skilled practitioners are able to turn data into actionable insights. These, in turn, drive an improvement in business performance or in identifying new client opportunities. We achieve this by establishing the best source of data, sourcing the data, modelling, and stress testing the identified opportunities. We apply a level of pragmatism to what is needed, driven by experience and an understanding of best practice.

Insights into the softer skills

At Big River Solutions we are also able to turn our hand to softer analysis, reviewing capabilities and creating roadmaps of “good to great”.

A team with the relevant skills and experience is allocated to the task at hand. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on excelling at embedding our projects within an organisation and will work with the client to ensure maximum long-term benefit.

We build capabilities across the organisation. Our objective is to leave an organisation fitter and more able to drive its own business. This is achieved by embedding appropriate processes and tools as required and can be supported by training or coaching.


January 22, 2018

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July 28, 2016

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June 22, 2016

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