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Growing Categories and Changing Shopper Behaviour

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The Rebalancing Resources Matrix

In this world of category and shopper, activity has become focused on ‘the now’, with little planning or priority given to longer-term projects.

The concept of ‘grow the pie’ has been left behind in favour of ‘win today’. This short-term focus is in our opinion, unsustainable. The costs for the immediate gain of ‘win today’ cannot be maintained.The drive to change shopper behaviour has lost out to ‘get volume now’. Category Development or Management is today’s orphan child.

CPG needs a new approach. To find out how we propose to rebalance this behaviour download our white paper outlining some the initiatives that can be adopted by those asking how they can regain the common ground.




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Commercial Capabilities

A major part of what makes your business unique is its capabilities.  They define your customers’ value and they distinguish you from your competitive set. If you are able to offer something that is unique, your customers will choose you over your competitive set.

Our approach is pragmatic and practical, taking a holistic view of the needs of the organisation, the resources available and the desired future state of the organisation.

A specific plan can be created that identifies actions, owner, timescale, and dependencies.